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How to Use the Internet in Your Spare Time

How to Use the Internet in Your Spare Time

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How to Use the Internet in Your Spare Time


If you can control a million hosts on the internet, you can do enormous damage. First, you can launch distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks so immensely diffuse that mitigating them is well beyond the state of the art for DDOS trace back and protection technologies. Such attacks could readily bring down e commerce sites, news outlets, command and coordination infrastructure, specific routers, or the root name servers.

Second, you can access any sensitive information present on any of those million machines passwords, credit card numbers, address books, archived email, patterns of user activity illicit content even blindly searching for a needle in a haystack i.e., information that might be on a computer somewhere in Use the Internet for which you trawl using a set of content keywords.

Third, not only can you access this information, but you can sow confusion and disruption by corrupting the information or sending out false or confidential information directly from a user’s desktop.

How to Use the Internet in Your Spare Time

How to Use the Internet in Your Spare Time

Different Ways to spend Time on the Internet

Surprisingly, for us internet savvy generation, it is pretty easy to get myopic with the medium. Given the sheer scale of the internet, there is so much to see, do and learn and yet most of us find ourselves going back to the same humdrum over and over again. In this post, I will talk about how you can work on re directing that passive, Facebook-consumed energy into something more productive. So turn off that facebook window and consider these following recommendations to make the best of internet and feel productive. Trust me, there is a lot more to the internet than narcissistic indulgences.

  1. Learn Something New

Once is never too old to learn a new skill. And no skill ever goes wasted. Website like courses and MIT Open Courses ware are excellent sources of knowledge, providing free courses on a multitude of topics and skill.

  1. Develop Opinions and World Views

 The only thing that is worse than being a person without opinions is being someone with pointless opinions. Up your social quotient by juicing up on worldviews and perspectives by subscribing to interesting YouTube channels or catching some interesting talks on a personal favorite I must say.

  1. Update Your Personal and Professional life

Use your free time to get back in touch with your family and friends. Make a Skype call instead of dropping a text message. Sometimes, a hearty chat with a dear friend is all it takes to get you feeling productive.

How to Use the Internet in Your Spare Time

How to Use the Internet in Your Spare Time

4 Take a World Tour on Your Desktop

I found this suggestion on a Website recently. Google street view is a super fun app to take a quick tour of any place in the world from, literally the comforts of your couch. I find that it’s a great tool for looking up vacation destinations or just for catching a break from the monotony of it all.

The Many Different Ways to Internet Make Money Online

As you can see, you don’t need to be an online entrepreneur or even an investor in Silicon Valley to make money online. Everyday people are discovering new ways to make money online all the time. Best of all, you can get started with just a few dollars per day.


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