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The Best Benefits of Participating in Sports

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The Best Benefits of Participating in Sports

Playing sports helps you stay in shape teaches you how to organize your time boosts friendships and builds relationships with your peers and adults. Through athletics you gain skills that can best be acquired on a court track or field.

The Best Benefits of Participating in Sports

The Best Benefits of Participating in Sports


Playing sports enables you to create friendships you otherwise might not have formed. Sports bring teens together from different schools background and communities. Many times the friendships you create on the fields remain intact even when you are not playing Sports.

About the Sports Office

The sports office’s main objective is to promote sports on and off campus and it aims at enhancing the sport culture of the university by joining events and tournaments where all students, staff and faculty of the university can participate.

The office offers intramural activities as well as special recreation and educative events. Our mission is to provide opportunity to all our students to participate in competitive sports while also promoting the development of and team skills and the fostering of sportsmanship.

Competitive Sports

Basketball (Men and Woman)

Volleyball (Men and Woman)

Futsal       (Men and Woman)

Football   (Men)

Handball  (Men)

Cricket     (Men and Woman)

Cross Country Run (Men and Woman)

Table Tennis         (Men and Woman)

Judo                     (Men)

Badminton          (Men and Woman)

Taekwondo         (Men and Woman)

Track and Field   (Men and Woman)

Trials and there after selection of the best players are carried out at the beginning of each semester for each team. Selected players are automatically entitled to an athletic scholarship.

Recreational Sports

Unic also offers a range of fun sports activities throughout the academic year which are a great way to meet people with similar interests. These include paintball, bowling, and table tennis, and beach soccer, beach volleyball, hiking, and diving.

About The Sports Centre

The canton centre is at the heart of Victory Park located on Michigan Avenue in canton, Michigan. Canton sports centre features 12 lighted ball fields with 300 fences and covered bleacher seating, Website.

The Best Benefits of Participating in Sports

The Best Benefits of Participating in Sports

Sports Clubs

Our sports clubs are very popular with our students. The operate at a volunteer level and promote and give incentives to the whole university community to enjoy, learn and try new sport activities. This includes aerobics and fitness basketball, bowling, cricket, cycling, diving, Futsal, Martial arts, outdoor activities, running and taekwondo clubs, among others.


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